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Association for the promotion of African and Afro-diasporic literature in Germany

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We facilitate literary events and design innovative concepts. Our work is based on an equal collaboration and exchange between Germany and the countries of the African continent and its diaspora. To ensure that, all our projects are curated by our African partners. Through books and stories, we aim at creating a dialogue between the continents and its people in order to contribute to work against prejudices, stereotypes, inequalities, neo-colonial structures and ultimately racism and discrimination.

InterKontinental e.V. creates places where stories are told that you didn't know you needed to hear. Places that convey the certainty that there is so much more beyond our horizon.

– Alexandra Antwi-Boasiako, Literature Ambassador


  • 14.07.2023 | Reading time approx. 3 min.

    What is cooking? Adding critical feminism to the pot

    In 2022 we cooperated with the Food Agency Cape Town (FACT) for the African Book Festival thanks to our association member Nicole Paganini.
  • Publications | 14.07.2023 | Reading time approx. 29 min.

    Her:Story Lab - À travers des conflits

    Brought together by editor and literary curator Edwige Dro, "À travers des conflits – Her:Story Lab" summons four stories by female African writers which echo within the reader's minds for a long time. They inspire a thought process and perhaps even…
  • Pande.Me | 14.07.2023 | Reading time approx. 14 min.

    The Day In Between

    My name is Mckayla Michaels, only child of the most popular power couple in my town. I live in a small town called Smallville where everyone knows everyone and so they try so hard to stay relevant; some through charity work and others through…
  • Pande.Me | 30.06.2023 | Reading time approx. 22 min.


    Just the tip. That was exactly what I was asked to do. But I still managed to shove the whole thing in there, to see how deep it could go. Terrible idea, terrible idea! I always feared this day will come. The day I unveil an unexpected facet of her…
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Highlight: African Book Festival

The African Book Festival gathers the most famous, most influential, award-winning writers and artists from the African continent and its diaspora.

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Talented writers

The event goes way beyond simply presenting new books and authors. Addressing current social, political, cultural and artistic issues is always at the heart of the event.

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Current issues

Live music, poetry, spoken word performances, a large marketplace to highlight African cultural production in its many forms.

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