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What is cooking? Adding critical feminism to the pot

InterKontinental 14.07.2023

In 2022 we cooperated with the Food Agency Cape Town (FACT) for the African Book Festival thanks to our association member Nicole Paganini.

The Food Agency Cape Town (FACT) is a community led organisation in which members use food to unpack food injustices, advocate for food agency in Cape Town and surrounds, and to connect communities. Members include urban farmers and community kitchen heads, many of whom have played an important co-research role in food security studies.

For the festival, three authors and members of the collective, Nomonde Buthelezi, Sanelisiwe Nyaba and Adelaide Cupido flew to Berlin for the festival. During the panel “What is cooking? Adding critical feminism to the pot”, they unpacked their day to day challenges in short stories and reflective dialogues. They produced a podcast episode reflecting the reading, which you can listen here.

Nomonde Buthelezi is an urban farmer based in Cape Town and co-founder of FACT. She is cultivating organic crops in her township for sale to the local community. She is an early childhood educator by training, a food justice activist, and coordinator of community-led food systems research projects and has co-published a number of opinion papers and research articles. Sanelisiwe Nyaba is a food activist, writer, photographer, co-researcher and podcaster. She unpacks food injustice questions through arts and voices and makes academic literature more accessible. Adelaide Cupido has been working in the development sector and settings where multi-stakeholder engagements were central to her work, facilitating a range of processes toward converting and implementing strategic objectives. She is passionate about supporting communities, organisations to transform conflict.