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Writing workshops

We design innovative writing workshops to foster new talents. The curation, thematic focus, writing formats as well as the target groups change, so that exciting and diverse literary productions have come out of it.

Stories Born From Songs

Under the artistic direction of the Irish-Nigerian author Chimeka Garricks, a writing workshop along the title "Stories Born From Songs" took place in October 2022. Participants worked on their writing process and various writing methods. Supported by Chimeka Garricks, they wrote their own short stories "Born From Songs" and presented them during a final event. The short stories can be read on our blog.


In 2022, 8 young people participated in a digital writing and drawing workshop. Over several months and under the supervision of writer, translator and literary activist Edwige-Renée Dro and Guanian illustrator Kofi Ofusu, they wrote and illustrated their own short comics.

Writing workshop for refugee women

In 2018, Zimbabwean spoken word artist Linda Gabriel curated and led a poetry and writing workshop for young refugee women. The project was funded by the Stiftung:do.

Read the workshop results

  • Pande.Me | 14.07.2023 | Reading time approx. 14 min.

    The Day In Between

    My name is Mckayla Michaels, only child of the most popular power couple in my town. I live in a small town called Smallville where everyone knows everyone and so they try so hard to stay relevant; some through charity work and others through…
  • Pande.Me | 30.06.2023 | Reading time approx. 22 min.


    Just the tip. That was exactly what I was asked to do. But I still managed to shove the whole thing in there, to see how deep it could go. Terrible idea, terrible idea! I always feared this day will come. The day I unveil an unexpected facet of her…
  • Pande.Me | 23.06.2023 | Reading time approx. 21 min.


    Even in the wind one could feel the mugginess. The sweaty bodies made the shirts wet and sticky. Not even the air broken by the stolen motorbike could cool them down. It remained oppressive. In all that drought and yellow they were dying of heat,…
  • Pande.Me | 23.06.2023 | Reading time approx. 13 min.

    Hi Diary Boy

    “Bye,” he mumbles. In return, he gets a wonderful smile from his mom. Her eyes are raised, and her smile is so long and bright that it reaches her ears. This smile makes him feel sparkles inside, makes him stand up straight. Juth closes the front…
  • Stories Born From Songs | 20.01.2023 | Reading time approx. < 1 min.

    In the Middle

    “When do you feel the most vulnerable?” I am asking Ahmed while gently playing with his dark brown curls, wrapping them around my finger. “Well, that is a tough question I have to say,” he answers, biting his lip. I can not stop looking at the…
  • Stories Born From Songs | 20.01.2023 | Reading time approx. < 1 min.


    People say that the first person narrative comes with its own traps and shackles. From my point of view, we met at the day of her funeral. Some outsider may say she’s been with me in a way all my life. And she? Well, she may think we met once,…
  • Stories Born From Songs | 13.01.2023 | Reading time approx. < 1 min.

    If God wants

    "Where do you need to go?" I can see his back. A middle-aged man, probably in his 60s, with a brown leather jacket worn out by time, like his wrinkled face. He is looking at me through the rear-view mirror, with inquisitional eyes trying to…
  • Stories Born From Songs | 23.12.2022 | Reading time approx. < 1 min.


    It is a mild midday in September. Unlike you, the sun had been out all morning. You decide to search for a quiet place nearby to continue reading the book you had not touched in weeks. It takes you way too long to get dressed.